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Online EMDR

In the next panel you can manage your full EMDR sessions, namely:

  • Start a new EMDR session.
  • Continue an existing EMDR session.
  • See your evolution on the session info.


EMDR Sessions

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Free: Self Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy to work as a complement to EMDR. It can enhance the EMDR results while helping to reduce the anxiety, depression and sleep problem symptoms.

We strongly recommend subscribers to free download and play the self hypnotherapy audios at night before going to sleep at least 2 times per week:

  • Self Hypnotherapy – Depression and Anxiety I
  • Self Hypnotherapy – Depression and Anxiety II
  • Self Hypnotherapy – Subconsciousness Negativity
  • Self Hypnotherapy – Overthinking about problems
  • Self Hypnotherapy – Insomnia

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