The online EMDR session tool is not intended to substitute the consultation or treatment by a health care professional. It is designed to provide helpful information on the EMDR process and should be used for educational purposes only, to help one make informed decisions about his health.

One should consult a physician, mental health professional or other appropriate health care professional about any symptoms and treatment related with any medical conditions one might have or suspect to have. is not liable for any specific health needs that may require professional supervision and are not liable for any damages or negative consequences from any treatment, action, application or preparation to any person reading of following the information of this tool and website.

Any person with heart condition, respiratory problems, pregnant, with suicidal thoughts or suffering from any mental condition should not use this tool.

Possible adverse effects of EMDR may include an increase in distress:

  • distressing and unresolved memories may emerge;
  • some persons may experience reactions during a session that may have not been anticipated, including a high level of emotion or physical sensations;
  • subsequent to the session, the processing of incidents/material may continue, and other dreams, memories feelings, etc., may emerge.

Access to online EMDR session tool is available through a 1 year subscription. ensures a 15 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.